Puzzle 287 (Line Nurikabe)

This is a Line Nurikabe puzzle.

Puzzle 287

Puzzle 287

Part 6 of 12 in the Melon’s Puzzle Zoo preview series.

Answer Entry: Enter the contents of each cell in the marked rows and columns. Use 0 for an unshaded cell and 1 for a shaded cell.

Highlight to see answer: 1111011010, 1111001011


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2 Responses to “Puzzle 287 (Line Nurikabe)”

  1. Ours brun Says:

    Easy but nice. Definitely an interesting variation of nurikabe. I am looking forward to see the puzzles you have made for the test…

  2. Deb Mohanty Says:

    Easy, as long as one remembers that it is not 2X2, but 5X1 🙂

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