Puzzle 283 (Out of Sight)

This is an Out of Sight puzzle.

Puzzle 283

Puzzle 283

Part 2 of 12 in the Melon’s Puzzle Zoo preview series.

Answer Entry: Enter the contents of each cell in the marked rows and columns. Use 0 for an unshaded cell and 1 for a shaded cell.

Highlight to see answer: 00101010, 10000100


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4 Responses to “Puzzle 283 (Out of Sight)”

  1. Rajesh Kumar Says:

    Thanks to LMI, I got to know about this great puzzle blog. Thanks for creating puzzles for Feb LMI test.

  2. Rakesh Says:

    Quite a tricky puzzle type…it took some time for the concept to sink in. While solving, this one seemed reminded me a lot of heyawake.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      If you’ve ever done Hitori, that was the direct inspiration. Or rather, my attempt to eliminate the heavy observational requirement that mars what I thought was a potentially elegant type.

      Oddly enough, Out of Sight / Heyawake was originally going to be in the Hybrid section — the rules were just that both sets of constraints were on the grid and you needed to simultaneously satisfy both. It got cut though.

      • Rakesh Says:

        Oh yes. Hitori more than heyawake actually. In all these puzzles the white cells need to remain connected – the similarity is pretty clear.

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