Puzzle 282 (Castle Wall)

This is a Castle Wall puzzle.

Puzzle 282

Puzzle 282

Part 1 of 12 in the Melon’s Puzzle Zoo preview series.

Answer Entry: Some squares are marked with letters. For each letter in alphabetical order, determine how many of the nine squares bordering the lettered square, including the square itself, are used in the loop. Enter these digits in alphabetical order by letter.

Highlight to see answer: 776567


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4 Responses to “Puzzle 282 (Castle Wall)”

  1. Stumbler's Rider Says:

    Would this be representative of the babies or the adults?

  2. MellowMelon Says:

    The difficulty for each puzzle in the series varies, but as an approximation I’d say all of them average out to be a bit harder than the babies and substantially easier than the adults. That’s about as specific as I’ll be.

  3. Marcin Says:

    Nice puzzle, relatively easy though, is this the baby level difficulty?

  4. Marcin Says:

    Oops, did not refresh before asking and I see my question has been already answered 🙂

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