LMI Puzzle Contest

Logic Masters India has apparently placed it in a forum topic with their list of contests, so I may as well make it more public now. Melon’s Puzzle Zoo will be hosted on their site as the February puzzle contest, running in the last weekend of February for a 2 hour period of your choice. Why do I mention this here? Because it’s authored by me! (if the name didn’t give that away) The contest will feature many of my original types and nikoli variations, most (but not all) of which have been seen before on this blog.

More information, including a complete transcription of the (as yet unreleased) instruction booklet will follow on this blog, amidst other things. For now, all there will be is a quick announcement. I highly encourage any fans of my blog to try it out. I worked very hard to make the puzzles on that test rank among my very best work, so do not miss out.

I have decided to hold off on posting any puzzles for this week to work on this. While the contest has been written, it is not out of the editing phase and deserves a lot of my attention right now.


5 Responses to “LMI Puzzle Contest”

  1. Georgi Says:

    All right! About time you did a contest, I’m really looking forward to this.

  2. Deb Mohanty Says:

    Thanks for taking time out to write this contest.
    Looking at the initial version of the IB, I realize that a lot of effort has gone into it. I’m sure the puzzles and the contest will be very interesting.

  3. TheSubro Says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait!

    You da man Mellow!


  4. Ours brun Says:

    “I worked very hard to make the puzzles on that test rank among my very best work”.

    Reading this only sentence is highly sufficient to make me dying of expectation. I am sure there will be lots of things to learn, as a player as well as an author.

    The test hasn’t begun yet, and pleasure is already there. Sounds promising…


  5. Rajesh Kumar Says:

    Thanks for preparing this test. Looking forward to this test.

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