Puzzle 265 (Corral/Slitherlink)

This is a Slitherlink and Corral hybrid puzzle. As usual for both types, draw a single loop along the grid lines that does not intersect itself. Each clue in the puzzle can function as a Slitherlink clue or a Corral clue (or both), and it is up to you to decide which one. If it is a Corral clue, it must appear inside the loop. (There is no such restriction for Slitherlink clues.)

Puzzle 265

Puzzle 265

(Click for larger size)

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14 Responses to “Puzzle 265 (Corral/Slitherlink)”

  1. Jonah Says:

    Huh, I can’t get the bottom-right to work. Could there be a mistake?

  2. Jonah Says:

    Wait, nevermind. I think I’ve got it.

  3. Scott Handelman Says:

    Whew, that was a challenge. Awesome as always.

  4. y Says:

    Took a while to realize what I am looking for. Fun solve.

  5. Jonah Says:

    Definitely gets easier as it progresses. My big stumbling block was the possibility of the 3 in the middle of a short hallway.

  6. TheSubro Says:

    Haven’t worked the puzzle yet, but wanted to congratulate you and the US team for a great result. Welcome back to the US and to ypur blog.

  7. MellowMelon Says:

    Thanks for the comments (and the congratulations).

    Re the first comment: the bottom right is supposed to be the break-in, although I’m not 100% sure that’s the one everyone used.

    I was originally going to separate this into a 2 half and a 3 half. Turned out 2s are terrible for constraining things – it’s almost impossible to prevent them from being Slitherlink clues.

  8. TheSubro Says:

    1. Great friggin puzzle – Classic MellowMelon – had to come up with new ways to look at page and find constraints down so many mini paths – loved it.
    2. I broke in almost simultaneously and separately in bottom right and bottom left.

    So I guess, … Thanks! and You’re Welcome.

  9. Jack Says:

    The bottom right was the main break in, but there was a slightly less determined break-in at the bottom left that definitely helped. As others have pointed out, it takes a while to warm up and get a feel for the puzzle, but I really enjoyed the flow once I got finished with the “beating my head against it” stage.

    “I like what you did with the threes!”

  10. David Says:

    Two suggestions:

    1) “Corralink” as a name.

    2) Use a Slitherlink-style dot grid next time? It’s kind of hard to draw a loop around the grid lines that are already there.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      I personally found this puzzle easier to solve by marking shaded and unshaded squares, without drawing the loop at all. That explains the choice in image format. That said, maybe I should give all of my Corral dashed lines, sort of like I did for Fillomino.

      If I do this hybrid again, I’ll consider that name. Not sure all the hybrids I have planned can be portmanteau’d like that, so I might leave it as is for consistency.

      • Scott Handelman Says:

        Nooooo, please don’t do this. I too solved Corral’s not like a Slitherlink, but by filling in squares, and I solve all my puzzles with a Paint-like program, so dotted lines would kill my method. 😦

      • MellowMelon Says:

        Try using an MSPaint flood fill on my Fillomino puzzles and you’ll understand why I still might do this. 😉

  11. Blaine Says:

    Is it just me or does the final loop look a little like the apple enemy in “Apple Panic” for the Apple II? No? Okay, it’s just me. 🙂

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