Puzzle 256 (Masyu)

This is a Masyu puzzle.

Puzzle 256

Puzzle 256


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9 Responses to “Puzzle 256 (Masyu)”

  1. Scott Handelman Says:

    A Masyu tour de force! I had to use regular logic, “inside/outside of the loop” logic, and “this path will eventually close no matter what, so I better keep this path open” logic. There’s a place in the top right that falls pretty quickly to uniqueness logic, but I decided not to use it and solved as intended. Nice job.

    I *have* read your Numberlink manifesto, but I’m working my way through a buttload of Numberlink before I decide if it changes my opinion. It’s a good writeup, though. We need more writeups like it. Last year, I did something similar for Nurikabe.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      I’ve been looking, but I can’t see how to employ uniqueness in the top right, much less in a way that avoids some nontrivial logic.

      • TheSubro Says:

        1. Fantasic Masyu

        2, I too saw the same uniqueness in the top right. After starting the puzzle, if you consider filling the the top right quad of open circles with horizontal (not vertical) lines, you will probably notice a lack of uniqueness before you come across a true conflict/constraint. I too chose to turn a blind eye to it, and worked it out otherwise. If it was a tournament puzzle though, I would have used the lack of uniqueness and moved on quicker.

        3. Its like Xmas in July having you back churning out great puzzles.



      • MellowMelon Says:

        Oh, now I see. Yeah, not sure there’s any way of getting rid of that one.

        Thanks for the praise from both of you; I was quite proud of this one when it was made.

    • ianam Says:

      Uniqueness considerations also can help one out quite a bit in the lower left.

  2. Brainteaser Says:

    “Numberlink manifesto” – where can I find it?

  3. Scott Handelman Says:

    Wait, really? I mean, I know I got it privately, but it also showed up in my Google Reader so I thought you went ahead and posted it. Interesting.

  4. wartysoybean Says:

    Very fun puzzle, the first Masyu I have ever tried. I don’t know whether this style is always this good, or if you’ve once again prepared an exceptional puzzle (I suspect the latter). The only bit of criticism I can offer is that I also (without reading the comments) observed the uniqueness considerations in both the top right and bottom left, but quieted the meta-demon and solved it properly. Thank you again!

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