Puzzle 243 (Country Road)

This is a Monday Country Road puzzle.

Puzzle 243

Puzzle 243

Just a quick note: a lot of comments recently have gone without a response from me. Do know that I see and read every comment that’s posted here, and appreciate everything you’ve said. Just that for a lot of the recent ones I wouldn’t have much of a reply beyond a word of gratitude for the feedback and hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the work here.

And thanks to everyone who tries and enjoys these puzzles, silent or not.

April 12, 1:09 ET: Updated the image; original was an old version that I didn’t mean to post, which was solvable but too difficult.


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3 Responses to “Puzzle 243 (Country Road)”

  1. Scott H Says:

    Yikes. Unless I missed something gigantic, this ain’t no Monday. 🙂 It started off fairly easy, but somewhere in the middle I stared and stared and stared. I’m thinking I am ignorant of a deduction that others might deem basic.

    Fun stuff, though.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      There’s a good reason for that… that was not the most updated version! 😦 Geez, and after 50 or so straight puzzles without errata, although I owe most of that to my testsolver.

      I’ve put up the right image now.

  2. Scott H Says:

    Phew! My dignity is restored!

    Hey, it’s better to post a puzzle that’s too hard but solvable than one that isn’t solvable at all.

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