Puzzle 242 (Castle Wall)

This is a Sunday Castle Wall puzzle.

Puzzle 242

Puzzle 242


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4 Responses to “Puzzle 242 (Castle Wall)”

  1. Scott H Says:

    Damn, this was a tough one. I did pick up a bunch of new weapons to tackle this type of puzzle, though. Thanks!

  2. thesubro Says:

    Back to back great Sunday Stumpers. Just kept plugging away at it til it succumbed.



  3. Bud Simrin Says:

    I keep running into trouble with this one. I have started it from scratch a number of time now. I never run out of what I perceive to be forced moves, but I always end up a conflict where no move can satisfy the required condition. The left 2/3rds always come out fine, but even if I only do the right 1/3rd, I run into a conflict. Are you SURE this puzzle is consistent? Any chance you could share the solution to this one with me? I give up. I promise not to share. I am a retired (geriatric) mudder.

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