Puzzle 240 (Heyawacky)

This is a Friday Heyawacky puzzle.

Puzzle 240

Puzzle 240


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3 Responses to “Puzzle 240 (Heyawacky)”

  1. Scott H Says:

    It’s strange that you don’t see Heyawacky pop up more as a variation. Is it slightly more confusing than Heyawake as far as rules go? I guess, but not so much that I really ever have to stop and think about the difference between the two. There’s just less I can take for granted.

    • motris Says:

      Heyawake has enough of a complex rule set that this wacky heyawake isn’t too much harder to grok. I’d probably argue that there are fewer people constructing Heyawake as a starting point, so you also see few “variations” of it around too.

      I do enjoy seeing the variation in thinking that can arise with the altered geometries here so thanks for another fun puzzle.

  2. Valvino Says:

    Beautiful construction and puzzle flow! This variation allows for far more creation and flexability in both creation and solving and this is an excellent example of that!

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