Puzzle 234 (Slalom)

This is a Saturday Slalom puzzle.

Puzzle 234

Puzzle 234


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 234 (Slalom)”

  1. Georgi Says:

    I don’t know what you had in mind here, but I had to use a whole shovelful of meta-logic and reverse-engineering to get this one started and after that it was pretty easy.

    • MellowMelon Says:

      The trickiest step is definitely early on, so that isn’t terribly surprising to hear. For a hint, try drawing a vertical line down the center of the puzzle.

      • Mark Fox Says:

        This hint was really handy. Also, though I don’t know why, I had it stuck in my head that the circled “28” at center functioned as a gate, which messed me up a bit, since that would have made 29 gates. Despite my typical boneheadedness, I got there in the end.

  2. TheSubro Says:

    I feel dirty.

    I wasnt getting anywhere on this one (other than a bunch of initial incomplete steps). These initial steps were forcing certain paths to avoid results that would clearly lack singularity. So, I started drawing in lines along such forced paths, and then the result unfolded with a tweak here or there. I tried to go back with the solution path in find and force the answer through logic and failed (both because I couldnt see it as before, and because once you find the solution on a puzzle, your energy for finding the logic to compel it as a unique solution wanes).

    I solved the puzzle, but not for the right reasons in my eyes. Feel free to judge me as you must.


    • MellowMelon Says:

      This one does have a logical solution, so if you ever decide to try again to find it at some point, the hint I gave to Georgi might be useful to you too.

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