Puzzle 221 (Fillomino Path)

This is a Sunday Fillomino Path puzzle.

Puzzle 221

Puzzle 221

The meaning of the red squares is on the description page now. Basically each one gives one of the two endpoints of the path.

Perhaps not Sunday level if you use a bit of intuition to work this one out. A logical solution exists, but it is probably more difficult than a typical Sunday and requires a fair amount of if-then. Unlike any of my other Fillomino puzzles you will also need to do plenty of careful counting.


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 221 (Fillomino Path)”

  1. TheSubro Says:

    Very nice “yellow brick road” puzzle. Took a long flight, and this turtle was able to crack it on landing. If I was cutting corners, I could have cracked it quicker using “feel” or due to many non-singularity situations confronted (yet ignored), but chose to solve it as presented … very fun.



    • MellowMelon Says:

      A long flight? Does that mean you worked on this for several hours nonstop? I though I was quite patient when solving puzzles, but you might have me beat there. And I can definitely see this puzzle taking that long if you insist on logic all the way through.

      Thanks for the comment too.

      • TheSubro Says:

        Philly to San Antonio – I am a focused logic-only turtle.

        I continue to struggle with the temptation of using lack of singularities as a basis to discount a potential solution path (and recently I have struggled with wanted to use “feel” to find a solution). The problem with using these methods is that you cannot be satisfied that you have found the only solution if you do it that way.

        There was an exchange recently with Motris in which he said that in puzzle competitions he uses them, but in fun solves he does not. I think that on websites like yours and his – where you have demonstrated singularity as an unfettered tradition, I may start employing these looser techniques. I’ll play it by ear.



  2. rob Says:

    Nice one. After messing up a rigorous solve due to not realizing the 12’s could connect, I succeeded on second try by convincing myself by a not quite rigorous counting argument that the 12s needed to connect. It’s hard to precisely estimate how short the path could be… I thought it was interesting that the puzzle solved in a pretty much different direction the second time, left-to-right instead of right-to-left.

  3. David Scherzinger Says:

    I’ve solved it a little more than halfway using strict logic, and I haven’t really had to use if-then. Once you figure out where the path has to go, you can figure out the minimum number of spaces it needs to pass through, and just use cell counting to figure out where the larger numbered areas get pushed fairly easily.

    I would also like to take this time to mention that I have zero ability to use intuition to solve puzzles. This one was fine, but the big fillomino with the 128 just killed me at the end XD

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