Puzzle 207 (Masyu)

This is a Sunday Masyu puzzle.

Puzzle 207

Puzzle 207

I’ll admit this could have come out a bit better – it’s no juno puzzle to be sure – but I still like it how it is. There are a couple of very difficult steps, so be prepared to stare a bit. Then again, I suppose most of you already know what my Sunday puzzles are like by now…


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2 Responses to “Puzzle 207 (Masyu)”

  1. Scott H. Says:

    207 puzzles and only 3 masyu? Tsk tsk tsk.

    Seriously, though, very enjoyable puzzle. The left half had a couple of neat little logical touches (bottom right as well). There was a place in the middle of solving (with the diagonal black circles that affected each other) where I had to think ahead a bit further than I feel comfortable, but it’s a Sunday, whatcha gonna do?

    • MellowMelon Says:

      Yes, that exact step was one I seriously considered reworking. But I couldn’t see a way to make it more tractable without trivializing it though, so I left it as is. There is actually a logical way to work it out – try marking corners you know are inside or outside the loop. That said, it might be easier to think ahead a few steps than find that.

      As for there being few Masyu here, I personally don’t see a ton of potential in the type, and I noted on the first one I posted that they would only go up when I came up with a really nice idea. Hence this one.

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