Puzzle 201 (Crosslink)

This is a Monday Crosslink puzzle.

Puzzle 201

Puzzle 201

And we’re back! With a Crosslink puzzle… for Monday?! Now that’s a strange combination of type and difficulty…


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4 Responses to “Puzzle 201 (Crosslink)”

  1. Scott H. Says:

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    I took your hiatus to see how caught up I could get (I was at 0 solved two weeks ago, now I’m at just above 100).

    Commenting on all the old puzzles seemed like too gargantuan a task, so I think I’ll just comment on the new ones.

    This Crosslink was a very nice, gentle introduction to the puzzle rules…just the introduction I was looking for to feel comfortable enough with this type to tackle the other ones. Slitherlink comes easy (but for some reason, not quickly…I usually have to make all kinds of marks) but the extra rule of Crosslink always scared me away.

    Keep up the great work!

    • MellowMelon Says:

      Thanks for the comment. Nice job getting 100 of them done in two weeks, especially if any of them were marathons or otherwise very difficult.

      I wouldn’t expect you to comment on 100+ puzzles either, but it would be nice to hear if there were any you particularly enjoyed, especially if they don’t appear on the Author’s Favorites list. I have had many cases where puzzles had an unexpectedly warm reception, and I do take those cases to heart in constructing future puzzles.

      This isn’t the first time someone has used a Monday/Tuesday puzzle of a type that is generally quite hard to ease their way in; I think the last time it was a Colorlink. In both cases I had plenty of difficulty actually constructing a puzzle of the right level of difficulty. The rules are indeed inherently challenging.

  2. TheSubro Says:

    Welcome back!

    Nuff said.


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