Puzzle 192 (Double Back) [Minefield]

This is a Sunday Double Back puzzle, with a twist. The loop will not visit every cell in this puzzle. Specifically, exactly one cell in each colored region will not be visited by the loop, and it’s up to you to figure out which cells to omit. All others still must be visited exactly once.

Puzzle 192

Puzzle 192


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 192 (Double Back) [Minefield]”

  1. Alan Curry Says:

    Almost a week and nobody’s said anything. I can’t help wondering if anyone attempted this.

  2. Miru Says:

    It took a while (though not 3.5 weeks – I just found the puzzle yesterday), but I did finish it. In my opinion it isn’t as bad as the triple back or the marathon puzzles, but I’m basing that purely on the fact that I couldn’t get either of those in multiple tries over Christmas break.

    Anyway, thanks for another awesome puzzle! I don’t know how you write these things and keep up with Mudd, but I certainly don’t mind reaping the benefits 🙂

    • MellowMelon Says:

      Thanks for the comment, and good job for solving this one. While we’re talking about hard Double Backs, 95 deserves a mention; it might be tougher than either of the two you mentioned.

      What’s your connection with Mudd?

      • Miru Says:

        I completely forgot about 95. It looked ominously hard from the description, so I figured I’d ignore it until I solved some of the other ones. Maybe I’ll get a chance to try it over Spring Break (getting a job is a higher priority though).

        I’m actually a Mudd student. I was aimlessly wandering through facebook over winter break, clicking along from profile to profile with no real purpose, and I noticed a post about your puzzles on someone’s wall. Kind of a weird way to find your site (especially since I don’t interact much with the people in question – I don’t even remember who it was!), but sometimes that just how things happen, I guess.

  3. wartysoybean Says:

    Lots of delicious new logic in here. The plethora of odd-shaped rooms really led to many hidden conclusions about path shapes and mine locations. Great puzzle!

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