Puzzle 186 (Fillomino Path)

This is a Monday Fillomino Path puzzle.

Puzzle 186

Puzzle 186


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6 Responses to “Puzzle 186 (Fillomino Path)”

  1. mathgrant Says:

    Very easy, but also very, very, very elegant and nice!

    (Also, is it sad that the number 186 reminds me of many years back, when I discovered that Politoed’s number in the National Pokédex, 186, is exactly thrice that of Poliwrath, 62, and both are evolutions of the same Pokémon?)

  2. MellowMelon Says:

    1. One should typically expect Monday to be very easy. Glad to hear you enjoyed it as well.

    2. Yes, it is sad. 😛

  3. TheSubro Says:

    Just getting to this one. Keep getting immediate contradictions. I thought the “path” had to have only two “ends.” Is it in fact a path with many dead ends that jut out of it along the way?


    • mathgrant Says:

      Having solved this with ease, I can assure you that the path has only two ends — otherwise, any polyomino could be a “path”.

      Perhaps you’re making assumptions about the 14’s.

  4. TheSubro Says:

    Mathgrant, thx for the assist.

    My problem was that I failed to appreciate (and a rule clarification may be in order) that that the “path” can touch itself, run parallel to itself, etc. Duly noted for next time.

    Thanks for a thought provoker while I figured things out.


  5. MellowMelon Says:

    Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed the puzzle. I clarified the description page a bit.

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