Puzzle 183 (Fillomino) [Nonconsecutive]

This is a Friday Fillomino puzzle, with a twist. In addition to the usual rules, any two polyominoes whose sizes differ by one may not be adjacent to each other.

Puzzle 183

Puzzle 183


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6 Responses to “Puzzle 183 (Fillomino) [Nonconsecutive]”

  1. Alan Curry Says:

    Nice one. Especially the ending. Dividing up that clue-free region was almost worthy of being a puzzle by itself.

  2. TheSubro Says:


    Artistic and smart ending. Classy, classy job. I love the fact that you knew we would all wander through the puzzle and come upon this surprise bonus mini puzzle at the end … a beautiful perfectly centered symmetrical gem. It made me openly smile and nod, even though I was
    in the “office” (so to speak) at the time.

    Well done. Top of your game.



  3. MellowMelon Says:

    Thanks a lot for the comments. This one definitely took some time to make. The first time I finished, I realized I completely forgot to put the 5 in the corner. On my second try I put a 4 next to where I wanted the 3 to be. Finally got it right the third time, and I guess I was justified in feeling very proud of myself.

    The idea is one I attempted earlier in a standard Fillomino puzzle with very little luck, but this variation makes a big difference.

  4. Jack Bross Says:

    I like the variation of nonconsecutive fillomino just in principle — it makes for a rather interesting constraint. But you’re right that it really kicks into high gear for the end of this one. You pretty much know that “why is there only one solution?” and “how the heck do I find a solution?” are two sides of the same coin, but having both of those questions be somewhat mysterious right up until the moment where they are both beautifully clear simultaneously is very satisfying.

  5. Scott Says:

    Nice variation and puzzle!

  6. Fillomino 5: Sashigane | Puzzled by Titles Says:

    […] puzzle has the same (logical) theme as Mellow Melon’s Nonconsecutive Fillomino here. There should be one specific point during solving when you stop, stare at the grid for a moment, […]

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