Puzzle 170 (Nurikabe)

This is a Saturday Nurikabe puzzle.

Puzzle 170

Puzzle 170

Beware of overgeneralizing.


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 170 (Nurikabe)”

  1. mathgrant Says:

    I see what you did there. Sly ending.

  2. motris Says:

    Very nice!

  3. TheSubro Says:

    TheTurtle didnt have a problem because he never assumes anything. Nice Nurikabe, nice global constraints (glad you didnt throw in a 128).


  4. Alan Curry Says:

    The pattern is still building toward a Sunday 128. What will it be? Fillomino or Country Road could use a big number with no extra tricks (just a fairly large diagram). But maybe we should expect an extra trick or two.

  5. MellowMelon Says:

    Thanks for all the comments. Odd that it’s my Nurikabe that tend to get the most positive feedback, since that is far from my favorite type. Maybe it’s just the influence of the nikoli.com authors, who are really good at making them.

    Alan Curry: I’ll go ahead and say there’s no special tricks next Sunday. Just a good (I hope) clean puzzle with a theme.

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