Puzzle 161 (Colorlink)

This is a Thursday Colorlink puzzle.

Puzzle 161

Puzzle 161

Seriously, how long could that blue loop possibly be?


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3 Responses to “Puzzle 161 (Colorlink)”

  1. TheSubro Says:

    Very nicely done. Now that’s a puzzle!



    p.s. Not many things worse than getting 75% done with a colorlink puzzle and realizing that you have a contradiction – and you have to start all over from scratch. Ouch!

  2. MellowMelon Says:

    Never fun finding a screwup late in a puzzle… I wouldn’t know from experience if it’s worse for Colorlink or not though. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Andy Says:

    What a flashy construction.. Had a great time with this one, I half expected to have the red be completed before any blue was placed, but that would probably have led to too easy a solve. Still, threading the blue through semi-filled red fields was very satisfying.

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