Puzzle 147 (In-Out Colorlink)

This is a Friday In-Out Colorlink puzzle, a synthesis of In-Out Slitherlink and Colorlink. Each clue is always correctly colored, and the number tells the truth if it is inside that color’s loop. If it is outside the loop of the corresponding color, it is inverted as it would be in In-Out Slitherlink. There are no black numbers.

Puzzle 147

Puzzle 147

Happy new year with another holiday puzzle from hell. It turns out the rule changes in each of these variations can work together to create some nice logic. Keep that in mind if you get stuck.


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2 Responses to “Puzzle 147 (In-Out Colorlink)”

  1. motris Says:

    Got through it reasonably enough; while I’ve done polygraphs before (the inside/outside part of the variant) I hadn’t done color-links and this added in several new and good deductions. Very good start to the New Year!

  2. TheSubro Says:

    Great puzzle. Messed up twice – stupid mistakes with multiple colored pens, but learned some good lessons about both types along the way. As Tom said, great start to the year with this one. Thx.


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