Puzzle 118 (Fillomino)

This is a Thursday Fillomino puzzle.

Puzzle 118

Puzzle 118

If you want to be spared from some counting, then you may like to know that all of the 50-ominoes in this puzzle are as large as the other givens allow them to be.


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4 Responses to “Puzzle 118 (Fillomino)”

  1. mathgrant Says:

    Very fun and solid puzzle!

    If counting to 50 isn’t enough for you, check out this puzzle I made with the number 69; the givens are even arranged in the shape of the number 69! http://mathgrant.blogspot.com/2008/09/puzzle-69-polyominous-8.html

  2. MellowMelon Says:

    Dirty. 😛 But a good puzzle nonetheless. Thanks for the comment.

  3. rantash Says:

    Thank you for this puzzle. It was fun, and it has a different feel than those published by Nikoli.
    On very important note: It is difficult to mark the borders when the grid is solid black. I ended up editing the image to change the color of the grid. Please consider, in the future, to either use dotted lines, or use a lighter color for the grid of fillominos.
    thanks again

  4. MellowMelon Says:

    I suppose that would be useful for solving on paper… usually in my MSPaint testsolves I use the thick brush. I’ll try to have that changed very soon. Thanks for the comment.
    EDIT: All posted puzzles are now fixed.

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