Puzzle 114 (Yajilin) [Two-Faced]

This is a Sunday Yajilin puzzle, with a twist. This puzzle has two solutions, and you need to find both. Furthermore, the clue numbers may lie or tell the truth, subject to the restriction that each number is correct in one of the solutions and incorrect in the other.

Puzzle 114

Puzzle 114

This puzzle is a monster. First of all, this is a really mean variation. Second of all, if this were converted to an ordinary Yajilin with most of the solution intact it would still be extremely hard. Finally, I unintentionally left several potential starting places, and I think only one or two admit a logical solution to the finish. That means you might want to get more than two grids, find a few good break-ins, and combine grids when possible.


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 114 (Yajilin) [Two-Faced]”

  1. Alan Curry Says:

    I must have picked the right starting point, since I didn’t need any extra grids. On my first attempt I somehow ended up with a clue that was true in both grids, so I just did a mass-erase and started over from scratch, then made it to the end without too much trouble.

  2. yy Says:

    Interesting. I also solved this on a single grid. The notation was naturally pretty confusing.

    It would probably be easier (for us, solvers) to keep track of puzzles if you added the puzzlenumber to each image, i.e something like Puzzle_114_yajilinkk1_p1.png similar to what mathgrant does.

    Additionally, do you want solvers to send you their solutions?

  3. MellowMelon Says:

    I haven’t exactly posted an email address for solvers to reach me at, although I don’t mind solution submissions… paradoxical I know. This blog started being regularly read only recently, so I’m kind of in limbo with respect to how I’m handling those interactions and how I’ll publish my decisions. I’ll make my mind up eventually. If you want to submit a solution, palmermebane at gmail dot com is my email address.

    I’ll think about including the number in the filename, but I’m not sure if I will. I don’t think I’m going to go back 120+ puzzles to add numbers to everything, and it’d be weird to be inconsistent. It might be easiest just to “Save Image as” and add the filename yourself. Sorry; I may change my mind later though.

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. Alan Curry Says:

    I didn’t mean that I used a single grid for both loops. I used 2 grids… I don’t consider the second one extra. Drawing them on top of each other (like a colorlink, except with shared segments) would have been too confusing. One grid per solution seems like the right number. When you clone the grid to try 2 alternatives because you aren’t sure which one’s going to lead to a solution and which one’s going to lead to a contradiction, that’s an extra grid. (I used a lot of those in the early puzzles, but some of them did have unintentional extra solutions at the time!)

  5. Bram Says:

    I really liked this one. One of my favourites on your blog.
    I also didn’t need to use extra grids. The opening I used seemed to be the most logical one as it gave you black squares and a bunch of loop in both grids.

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