Puzzle 110 (Right Face)

This is a Wednesday Right Face puzzle.

Puzzle 110

Puzzle 110


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7 Responses to “Puzzle 110 (Right Face)”

  1. Alan Curry Says:

    Glad to see this puzzle type again. The first 2 were great. This one was easier, but still required a bit of thought.

  2. MellowMelon Says:

    I’m very glad to hear that. They seem to me to solve very differently from almost all other logic puzzles out there, so I wasn’t sure how they would be received. I think most of the difference is that when you have two segments of the path interacting, you have to be concerned about which one is traversed first. I’ve never seen that kind of thinking utilized before.

  3. TheSubro Says:

    Interesting puzzles. My solution for this one is not unique with 5 options in the bottom right. Is unique required?



  4. MellowMelon Says:

    The solution should be unique, and I can’t see any alternate ones. But it’s still possible I messed up… it’s certainly happened before. You can either comment with details or send me an email (palmermebane at gmail dot com) if you still think there’s more than one way.

  5. Alan Curry Says:

    I got a single solution, and you know I’m trying to catch you. I suggest that Ken take another look at the rules, since they’re sort of complex.

    After you’ve drawn a solution, trace it again with “robot logic”, keeping in mind that the robot only sees the walls and the preceding portion of the path. If he has an opportunity to go straight where your solution path turns, or an opportunity to turn to his right where your solution path turns the other way, that solution is out.

  6. TheSubro Says:

    Thanks for the private note. In it you indicated (nicely) that the arrows don’t automatically make the robot move in their direction. The robot will basically only turn if forced to do so by its surroundings. Essentially the arrows show necessary direction, but have no effect on the robot. I read the instructions to be that you are to basically pick up the robot at that point, but now I understand better what the rules intended. Thanks for the guidance.

    Singular solution identified. Frankly, I am surprisied that I almost solved it without that additional constraint understood. I look forward to solving the other rightfaces now that I have my own head on straight.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Kindest Regards,


  7. mathgrant Says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by how doable this was. I’ll have to try the other Right Face puzzles, now that I’ve built my confidence on this one. 🙂

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