Puzzle 106 (Slalom)

This is a Saturday Slalom puzzle.

Puzzle 106

Puzzle 106

When I first made this puzzle it had about 5 gates with numbers. Then I tweaked it down to this. Obviously you can make Slalom with no numbers at all, but that wouldn’t be very interesting.

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3 Responses to “Puzzle 106 (Slalom)”

  1. TheSubro Says:

    Nice puzzle. Being my first slalom, I had to solve it 2 or 3 times using different breakins because I kept thinking that the “31” was the 31st “gate” – when it actually means that there are 31 gates before you get to it. My bad, but a very nice puzzles. Thanks.


    • MellowMelon Says:

      I’m horribly sorry; I neglected to put the meaning of the circled number in the description page. 😦 That has been fixed. Glad you enjoyed it, and good job for solving a tough one like this as your first.

  2. Prasanna Venkatesh Seshadri Says:

    This is the first non-easy Slalom I’ve solved, glad to say I got it in one try quite fast. Nice puzzle.

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