Puzzle 100 (Akari) [Marathon]

This is an Akari marathon. In particular, it is a very large and very difficult Akari puzzle.

Puzzle 100

Puzzle 100

100 cells by 100 cells. I hope you find this puzzle enjoyable. It has some patterns and configurations I have yet to see in any other Akaris (although I certainly haven’t done all of them in existence).

You may find solving easier on this smaller image. It’s up to you which one to use.

There won’t be a puzzle tomorrow. Monday will be the beginning of the puzzles on this blog being organized by difficulty by the days of the week, in the same way a lot of other puzzle publishers do it. The details are on this blog’s About page.


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6 Responses to “Puzzle 100 (Akari) [Marathon]”

  1. mathgrant Says:

    Part of me wants to cry foul because the white cells aren’t all connected; Nikoli would never, ever publish an Akari puzzle like that. On the other hand, this puzzle has much more beauty and human sensibility than any computer-generated Akari I’ve seen of *any* size. Amazing work!

    • MellowMelon Says:

      Actually, Nikoli has published 21 such puzzles here: http://www.nikoli.com/en/author/bj_one_layout.html
      They broke the rule in the exact same way too, so you can see where one of my (many) sources of inspiration was.

      (then again, they also broke symmetry there and admitted not all of those puzzles are completely up to their standards.)

      Thanks for the comment, and congratulations for solving it.

      • mathgrant Says:

        Heh — Zotmeister also made a puzzle, years before those ones, where the givens spell NIKOLI (both right side up and upside down); the O’s divide the grid into three separate regions. So you’re definitely not alone in breaking this unwritten rule. 🙂

        What feels extremely cheap and boring to me is when a computer-generated puzzle has a single isolated cell surrounded by black cells. It feels like a waste of time to have to put light bulbs in such cells. Your 2×2 areas are much better and more fun in this regard. 🙂

  2. Valvino Says:

    Well that’s two hours I won’t be seeing again, still great puzzle some very unique logic there. As for the whole isolated white cell thing, to my knowledge there is no such rule thaat states that all white cells have to inter-connect in fact some of mine deliberatly don’t, either to trip more inexperienced solvers up, or as part of the theme.

    • mathgrant Says:

      All of the white cells being connected in an Akari puzzle is more of an unwritten rule that all of Nikoli’s puzzles follow than a real rule; it’s akin to no two 0’s sharing an edge or a corner in a Slitherlink, and no number in a Hitori exceeding the dimensions of the puzzle. 🙂

  3. Palmer Mebane ’12 a Member of World Puzzle Championship Team | Claremont University Consortium Says:

    […] puzzle was called Akari, a puzzle with which he is very familiar, having made many of them. So, he was quickly assigned to be the team member to do it. The puzzle contained some innovative […]

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