Puzzle 98 (Crosslink)

This is a Crosslink puzzle.

Puzzle 98

Puzzle 98

Since starting this blog I’ve posted a lot of puzzle types and variations – this is the 22nd one (not counting the “twists”). Some of them are pretty mean, but this has to be the cruelest one of all. Forget everything you knew about Slitherlink and start from scratch, or you’ll never get through one of these.


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3 Responses to “Puzzle 98 (Crosslink)”

  1. TheSubro Says:

    My First Crosslink, as I continue to work backwards through your puzzles. Nice variant indeed. Will be nice to mix it in with Slitherlinks at times.

    One comment I have about your puzzles – and I appreciate that this is looking a gifthorse in the mouth truly – you tend to leave too much unfinished space in your creations, which (due to the “uniqueness” element) allow for easier solving using uniqueness as the crutch. In this regard, the top left portion of this Crosslinks puzzle “fell” without analysis as it was obvious at about 1/3 through the puzzle that the link could not go there and maintain uniqueness. Just a thought for you in making future treasures.

    Thanks for this novel twist. I look forward to doing others you’ve crafted of this ilk.


  2. MellowMelon Says:

    About uniqueness, that’s a good point that I’ve only noticed in retrospect. There’s been a lot of times when crafting a puzzle that I’ve had to pay special care to avoid making the solution go a certain way for the sake of uniqueness. I think I had gotten used to hoping that will be covered up when all the clues have been placed, although that was probably silly to believe. I’ll have to pay more attention to that in the future.

    Anyways, you’ll have a field day with the puzzle coming out tonight if you like to employ uniqueness arguments. But I’m not about to change it.

  3. PuzzlePhan Says:

    Just starting out with this variation of Slitherlink. I continued to find most of my “old” rules for Slitherlink helpful, but just had to “bend” a few of them. For a 0 next to a 3 is obvious, but you have to then leave the corners of the 3 open to being crosslinks. Outside dots prevent crosslinks, but only on the extreme outer edge.

    My method of shading inside and out though doesn’t have a direct counterpart. I tried adding arrows or coloring to the “right” of the line. That didn’t really provide a lot of insight. The best I can see is if I get a connected loop, I have to look for a corner that is really a crosslink.

    Now that I’ve got my feet wet, time to try the bigger one you have here.

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