Puzzle 95 (Double Back)

This is a Double Back puzzle.

Puzzle 95

Puzzle 95

The picture here is a low-resolution version of an icon nikoli uses on their online service and in their quarterly publication. It means that the puzzle is extra hard, which is the highest classification they have.

Good luck with this one.


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3 Responses to “Puzzle 95 (Double Back)”

  1. Alan Curry Says:

    I can see why Mr. Questionmarkhead is so frowny. This was brutal. Thanks for the dotted lines.

  2. Andy Says:

    Pretty tricky, it was slow going along the right and top edges for a while, then suddenly it broke open and the rest fell really quickly. I finished with the ‘target’ in the lower right, I’d been wondering how that was going to end up..

    Nice fun challenge, though I think the variations, especially Minefield, have surpassed this one in difficulty.

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