Puzzle 79 (Creek)

This is a Creek puzzle.

Puzzle 79

Puzzle 79


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2 Responses to “Puzzle 79 (Creek)”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi, I know this is an old puzzle, but my brother just told me about your site and I’ve been working my way through various puzzles. When I tried to do this one today, I came across either an error/confusion on my part or an error in the puzzle.
    In the only solution I could find, the square directly in the center of the bottom row has to be filled in, although my understanding of this type of puzzle was that any square not cornered by a number was left empty. When I left this square empty, however, it remained out of the “creek” of empty squares, or else attached to more empty squares that then also ended up out of the creek.
    If you could send me a solution or clarify the instructions for me, that would be wonderful. Also I can give you the solution I came up with if that would be helpful. Thanks, and congratulations on going to the World Championships!

    • MellowMelon Says:

      In fact, a square not cornered by any number need not be left empty because of the possibility you mentioned. All that is indicated by the absence of a number is a lack of information.

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