Puzzle 67 (Out of Sight)

This is an Out of Sight puzzle.

Puzzle 67

Puzzle 67


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3 Responses to “Puzzle 67 (Out of Sight)”

  1. Alan Curry Says:

    This puzzle type is a bit rough on me. The arrows aren’t so bad, but the dots? A bunch of red and green dots spread out over a white background is a lot like the test I took before they told me I’m color-blind.

    Not as bad as the doubleback puzzles – on one of those, I’ve had to start over after realizing that the area I’d assumed was a big room was actually composed of 2 different colors that weren’t different enough to register in my eyes as a room boundary. And then had that same revelation twice more in the same puzzle.

    Anyway… after changing all the green pixels to a brighter shade, I found 2 solutions. There’s a pair of purple arrows pointing at each other in the 11th column. I believe either one of them can be darkened, as long as the other one is un-darkened.

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  2. MellowMelon Says:

    Yes, that’s another result of an innocuous correction late in testsolving breaking the puzzle somewhere else. Fixed that. I also feel compelled to point out that you missed a third solution: in the alternate solution I didn’t intend, there’s a red arrow that can be shaded or unshaded.

    Sorry about the red-green problem. 😦 Would it help if I changed the dots to diamonds? (about the same size as the arrows) EDIT: Okay, a weird inconsistency in my program’s drawing makes that option ugly somehow… since you said the arrows are okay, is there any shape in general that would be better?

    I’ve been wondering for awhile about whether Double Back had a problem with lack of color contrast. I think I’m going to make a change to the image maker so that the lines are different when two cells are different. I’ll probably have that up shortly. EDIT: Done. Hopefully it’s better now.

    Thanks for the comments.

    • Alan Curry Says:

      Oh yes… just down+left from the upper purple arrow in that purple pair. I came to the point where there were no more black squares I had to add, so I didn’t look for any more that I could optionally add.

      A brighter green works better for me as a contrast to red. But then in a doubleback puzzle the opposite problem hit with bright green next to yellow in the lightning bolt. The last revelation in that puzzle was “Some of those yellows are a tiny bit green!” There’s more than one kind of color-blindness so don’t take my experience as a general guide.

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