Puzzle 55 (Double Back)

This is a Double Back puzzle.

Puzzle 55

Puzzle 55

The colors are always brighter when you smile.

If you ever got half of the way through solving Puzzle 21, there will be some deja vu in this puzzle. I don’t mean to suggest there’s a similar level of difficulty though; 21 is probably my hardest puzzle right now, but this one isn’t so bad.


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One Response to “Puzzle 55 (Double Back)”

  1. Andy Says:

    Very prescient.. I’m going back through the Double Backs in my unsolved pile, saw the note about Puzzle 21, but didn’t check back for what that was. Halfway through this one, I was indeed struck with deja vu, and wondered “21 has got to be that Country Road”..

    I found the first half of this one pretty intricate, had the deja vu moment, then the second half was the quick, enjoyable whipped cream reward. Very fun..

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