Puzzle 32 (In-Out Slitherlink)

This is an In-Out Slitherlink puzzle.

Puzzle 32

Puzzle 32

It was a little disappointing to figure out that the simplest, most elegant way of setting the rules made for crappy solving and constructing; namely that clues outside the loop would give the number of undrawn segments (allowing 4s). If you want to know why, try making one with those rules yourself.


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2 Responses to “Puzzle 32 (In-Out Slitherlink)”

  1. パズルが好きなんだぜ Says:

    In-Out Slitherlink1…

    In-Out Slitherlinkは、MellowMelonさんが考案したパズルです。 ルールの著作権は、MellowMelonさんにあります。 MellowMelonさんのページはこちら(英語)々…

  2. xevs Says:

    This invertion is not intuiiive… But logiclly, the other invertion is makes things really easy… hmmm

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