Puzzle 29 (Corral)

This is a Corral puzzle.

Puzzle 29

Puzzle 29

Unless I’m not looking in the right places, this type of puzzle seems to be very rare outside of Japan (I have no idea about inside). That’s better than others like Country Road though, which I’ve never seen. All the more reason to make them and post them. I would give a rough difficulty estimate, but I have no idea what the common techniques for this puzzle are. I always seem to solve these in completely different ways. I do not think this one is easy though.


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2 Responses to “Puzzle 29 (Corral)”

  1. wartysoybean Says:

    Sheesh, this one took me forever. Great puzzle, this is my first of this type. I like the interplay of the different logical steps required.

  2. xevs Says:

    I’ve seen this type a long ago in Nikoli. I feel a tiny nostalgy for the escaping of the “outside” cell, no crossing of inside and outside.

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