Puzzle 28 (Colorlink)

This is a Colorlink puzzle.

Puzzle 28

Puzzle 28

Back when I posted the first Colorlink puzzle, I wondered about how crowded Colorlink would be with more than two colors. Now you can find the answer for yourself.


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5 Responses to “Puzzle 28 (Colorlink)”

  1. Didgogns Says:

    When I assume existence of the fourth loop which consists of four segments in the left of black 3 of the left top corner, I get a multiple solution.

  2. Andy Says:

    Making my way back through the Colorlinks I missed.. I’ve found it enjoyable to clear out the backlog according to puzzle type instead of straight reverse chronological, it avoids having to relearn/remember each type’s techniques every time, and allows me to better appreciate the new ideas or themes used in each puzzle.

    I found this one really difficult, especially breaking in, but very enjoyable once I got some momentum.. The final solution does look a bit crowded, but this is the perfect use for my 1-color per layer method (using OSX Seashore), it lets you isolate colors for readability – each loop looks so simple by itself! 🙂

    You haven’t revisited using 3 colors since this very early puzzle, I wonder why, as I’d love to see another.. Was it difficult to construct, or maybe this one exhausted most of the interesting techniques?

  3. xevs Says:

    As Andy-san says, the starting point of this one was really difficult. But afterward, the solving hand won’t stop and eventually makes the beautiful solution 😉
    FYI, I use three pens of different colors and let the lines “short-cut” a bit on corners it will help to see whather they cross or avoid each other.

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