Puzzle 25 (Castle Wall)

This is a Castle Wall puzzle.

Puzzle 25

Puzzle 25

Arithmetic is your friend in this tough puzzle. I also discovered a very nice technique for Castle Wall that I snuck in a couple of places here, but I found it too late to really do it justice. I’ll have to save it for the future.


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2 Responses to “Puzzle 25 (Castle Wall)”

  1. linked_puffbird Says:

    Congratulations on inventining a wonderful type of puzzle! The solving based on inside and outside is very different from the puzzle types I know. The “must cross” and “must not cross” knight’s move clues, for example. A lot of fun. (I must add that given that this, while an excellent puzze which I enjoyed, seemed rather difficult to me, so I may hesitate to tackle the marathon Castle Wal tomorrow, even thought it will be a Sundary. (grin))

  2. xevs Says:

    I always misscount the numbers of the lines X-S
    Anyway, this type is really fun while solving.

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